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  • Cold shrink cable accessories industry

    Speaking of the cold shrink cable accessories industry, I have to talk about Suzhou Feibo Heat and Cold Shrinkable Products Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as "Suzhou Feibo". ...
    Release time:2020-02-21   Click times:145

  • The black stress control tube

    The black stress control tube is the heat shrink tubing that achieves the effect of dispersing electrical stress without destroying the effect of the main insulating layer. Its material is made of a variety of polymer materials blended or co...
    Release time:2020-02-18   Click times:123

  • The Cold Shrinkable Cable Attachment

    The Cold-shrinkable cable attachments are made by using elastomeric materials (commonly available with silicone rubber and ethylene-propylene rubber) for injection molding in the factory, followed by expansion and lining with plastic spiral ...
    Release time:2020-02-10   Click times:193

  • Cable outdoor terminal

    Regardless of whether you choose a cold shrinkable cable outdoor terminal or a heat shrinkable outdoor cable terminal, as long as it is suitable for your needs, it is the best. ...
    Release time:2020-02-07   Click times:111

  • Feibo India exhibition

    Feibo India exhibition is that several days ago, our Suzhou Feibo went to India to participate in the power exhibition, which is also our first exhibition in 2020....
    Release time:2020-02-05   Click times:72

  • Basic knowledge of using nylon cable ties

    Do you know how to use this product correctly? If you don't know these things, it will be very difficult for you to use nylon cable ties. Here are some basic knowledge of using nylon cable ties....
    Release time:2020-01-31   Click times:184

  • How much of the cable terminal

    Today we talk about how much of the cable terminal. In fact, this topic is interest to many people. Here we will briefly talk about it....
    Release time:2020-01-29   Click times:122

  • Special length of Heat-shrinkable tubing

    Special length of Heat-shrinkable tubing is a service we provide to our customers to meet the requirements of different customers for the length of heat-shrinkable tube....
    Release time:2020-01-28   Click times:98

  • Insulated heat shrink tubing

    Insulated heat shrink tubing is a kind of high molecular material with the temperature from low to high to experience high elastic glass state.The performance of glass is close to that of plastic.High elastic state performance close to rubbe...
    Release time:2020-01-21   Click times:121

  • 1kv heat shrink cable terminal kits

    Today we talk about 1kv heat shrink cable terminal kits. In fact, we have 1kv, 10kv and 35kv heat shrink cable terminal kits according to the pressure resistance level. These are three kinds, and today we are talking about one kind of 1kv he...
    Release time:2020-01-15   Click times:89

  • Temperature resistance of flame retardant tubes

    Today we talk about the topic of temperature resistance of flame retardant tubes. Flame retardant tubes can also be called flame retardant heat shrinkable tubes....
    Release time:2020-01-10   Click times:151

  • Low-voltage heat shrink insulation tube

    Low-voltage heat shrink insulation tube is the common matching insulation tube in low-voltage heat shrink terminal kits, which are also called colorful tube in our industry....
    Release time:2020-01-08   Click times:54

  • Pipe anti-corrosion heat shrinkable sleeve

    Pipe anti-corrosion heat shrinkable sleeve is a kind of connection fittings made of polyethylene sheet heat-sealed with high-quality hot melt after radiation cross-linking....
    Release time:2020-01-07   Click times:114

  • High voltage cold shrink cable accessories

    The main raw materials for high voltage cold shrink cable accessories are silicone rubber and ethylene-propylene rubber. Suzhou Feibo Heat and Cold Shrinkable Products Co., Ltd. adopts imported liquid silicone rubber as a whole, which has hi...
    Release time:2020-01-03   Click times:77

  • Bus terminal box

    1KV Bus terminal box has six colors, red yellow green blue black and white, 10KV and 35KV color only red, green and yellow. ...
    Release time:2019-12-30   Click times:171

  • Cable cold shrink tube

    Today we are going to talk about the cable cold shrink tube. As the name suggests, cable cold shrink tube is a cold shrink insulation tube used on cables....
    Release time:2019-12-27   Click times:152

  • Cold shrinkable cable accessories

    Cold shrinkable cable accessories have the advantages of small size, convenient operation, no special tools required, wide application range and few product specifications....
    Release time:2019-12-25   Click times:103

  • cold shrink terminal

    The cold shrink terminal head is formed by vulcanizing the silicone rubber material of the elastic body, and then it is expanded and then lined with a plastic rotating support bar. When it is used, the support bar can be automatically retrac...
    Release time:2019-12-23   Click times:72

  • Red heat shrink tube

    Today, we continue to deepen our customers' understanding of heat shrink tube from the perspective of heat shrink tube color. There are many colors for heat shrink tube, which are divided into colorful and black one. Red heat shrink tube is ...
    Release time:2019-12-18   Click times:94

  • 10kv Heat-shrinkable cable head

    the 10kv heat-shrinkable cable head of Suzhou Feibo Cold and Heat Shrinking Products Co., Ltd....
    Release time:2019-12-16   Click times:201

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