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  • Low-pressure heat shrink tube

    Low-pressure heat shrink tube, which is used in low-voltage areas, has the heat shrink properties, which is the main feature of this product....
    Release time:2020-11-19   Click times:84

  • Cleaning work for installing heat-shrinkable cable accessori

    Adsorption of dust and other debris in the ambient air on the heat-shrinkable cable accessories will cause some problems affecting the effect and quality, especially for cross-linked cables. High-pressure heat-shrinkable cable accessories sh...
    Release time:2020-11-17   Click times:158

  • Overseas market of heat shrink tube

    Overseas market of heat shrink tube refers to the popularity of heat shrink tube in foreign markets....
    Release time:2020-11-12   Click times:195

  • Flame retardant of the heat shrinkable tube

    the heat-shrinkable tubing made from it has flame-retardant properties, while the heat-shrinkable tubing made of PE needs to add flame retardant to make it Achieve flame retardant effect. So is the flame retardant of the heat shrinkable tube...
    Release time:2020-11-10   Click times:74

  • Low-pressure cold-shrinkable cable head

    The low pressure cold-shrinkable cable head can also be called a low-pressre cold-shrinkable cable terminal, or a low-pressure cold-shrinking terminal, or a low-pressre cold-shrinking terminal....
    Release time:2020-11-06   Click times:181

  • Cold shrink cable terminal heads

    Today we will talk about cold shrink cable terminal heads, which are also called cold shrink terminal equipment cable heads....
    Release time:2020-11-04   Click times:88

  • Low voltage cold shrink cable termination

    In our daily work, we often encounter some customers who think that the price of the low voltage cold shrink cable terminal is high. I want to say that the price determines the quality....
    Release time:2020-10-31   Click times:191

  • Color of heat shrink tube

    Color of heat shrink tube...
    Release time:2020-10-28   Click times:170

  • The correct ways to use the heat shrinkable tube

    The heat shrinkable tube can be quickly shrunk after being heated to tightly wrap objects such as wires and cables to achieve the protection of the insulating seal. Today we will talk about the correct ways to use the heat shrinkable tube....
    Release time:2020-10-24   Click times:85

  • Cable accessories

    Cable accessories are a series of products in the power industry that will connect cables to power transmission lines and power distribution equipment. They mainly include intermediate connections and terminal kits to form a power transmissi...
    Release time:2020-10-21   Click times:71

  • Method of applying hot melt adhesive in heat shrink industry

    Different methods are adopted for the gelatinization of heat-shrinkable materials according to the needs of customers and different products, mainly including three methods for the gelatinization of base material and the gelatinization of ho...
    Release time:2020-10-20   Click times:87

  • What kind of heating is better for the heat shrink tube

    What kind of heating is better for the heat shrink tube, the first thing is to see the heating tool. Xiaobian summed up the response of many customers on how to heat shrinkable tubes, including water heating, lighters and oil lamps, Ovens, h...
    Release time:2020-10-18   Click times:164

  • Common problems of heat shrink tube

    Common problems of heat shrink tube...
    Release time:2020-10-14   Click times:126

  • Evolutionary of heat shrinkable tubes

    The history of the Evolutionary of heat shrinkable tubes goes back to the 1950s. In 1959, A. Charlesby and his student Pinner co-published the first patent on radiation-crosslinking heat-shrinkable materials for his company, Raychem, which p...
    Release time:2020-10-13   Click times:120

  • Heat shrinking process of heat shrinkable tube

    Whether the heat-shrinkable tube is used as a lead wire identification or a special motor lead wire is used as an insulation and sealing protection material, only the heat-shrinking process is scientific and reasonable, which can ensure the ...
    Release time:2020-10-10   Click times:92

  • Flame retardant heat shrink tube

    Flame retardant heat shrink tube is a relatively common type of protective material. Its main purpose is to leave the fire source and extinguish itself within a certain period of time. ...
    Release time:2020-10-07   Click times:211

  • What size heat shrinkable tube for what square meter cable s

    In daily sales, there are often customer inquiries: What size heat shrinkable tube for what square meter cable sleeve, or how many squares are the cables, which size should be used....
    Release time:2020-10-06   Click times:125

  • High pressure heat shrink tube

    High pressure heat shrink tube is a kind of tube fitting that is used on busbar and is wrapped around the busbar after heating. It has the functions of insulation, rust prevention, corrosion prevention, and reduction of the interval. ...
    Release time:2020-09-30   Click times:169

  • Middle wall tube

    Middle wall tube is also heat shrinkable products. Compared with heat shrink tube and heat shrink cable accessories, the market demand for middle wall tube is less, which is related to the nature of the product....
    Release time:2020-09-23   Click times:96

  • Continuous working temperature of heat shrinkable tube

    The continuous working temperature of heat shrinkable tube, we usually can see the continuous use temperature, or the continuous use temperature, in some product catalogs or product technical documents....
    Release time:2020-09-20   Click times:167

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