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  • Parameters to determine when purchasing heat shrink tube

    Heat shrink tube is a special protective tube that shrinks due to heat. At present, there are many specifications and parameters of heat shrink tube. You should choose according to your own situation during the purchase process, otherwise in...
    Release time:2020-09-16   Click times:73

  • Evolutionary of heat shrinkable tubes

    When did the heat shrink tube appear and have it developed so far? What kind of differentiation did the heat shrinkable tube have? Today let us understand the Evolutionary of heat shrinkable tubes....
    Release time:2020-09-15   Click times:145

  • 10kv cold shrinkable cable accessories

    The 10kv cold shrinkable cable accessories can also be called the 8.7/15kv cold shrinkable cable accessories....
    Release time:2020-09-12   Click times:66

  • Heat shrink tube expansion

    Heat shrink tube expansion is one of the important production step during the whole heat shrink tube production process. Without this process, it is impossible to produce qualified heat shrink tube....
    Release time:2020-09-09   Click times:70


    HEAT SHRINKABLE SINGLE METER BUS BAR,generally speaking, it is 10kv heat-shrinkable tube with length of 1 meter per tube....
    Release time:2020-09-07   Click times:147

  • Teflon heat shrink tube

    Teflon heat shrink tube has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance, flame retardant and long-term non-aging....
    Release time:2020-09-02   Click times:198

  • Key points to consider when selecting cable thermal shrinkab

    Thermal shrinkable cable is widely used in our daily life. However, there are still many friends who are not familiar with the use and choice of thermal shrinkable cable. This article introduces several aspects to be considered in the select...
    Release time:2020-08-31   Click times:98

  • Low voltage heat shrinkable tube

    Low voltage heat shrinkable tube is the common 1KV thin-wall heat shrink tubing we often say. The minimum specification of 1KV low voltage heat shrinkable tube of Suzhou Feibo Heat and Cold Shrinkable Products Co., Ltd. can be φ3mm in diame...
    Release time:2020-08-28   Click times:146

  • Double wall heat shrink tube

    Double wall heat shrink tube, also known as adhesived heat shrink tube, is a common type of product on the market....
    Release time:2020-08-26   Click times:78


    Useage of HEAT SHRINKABLE CABLE ENDCAP: The thermo-branding adhesive used for communication cable end inflatable non-inflatable seal and power cable end sealing inner layer ensures reliable sealing ...
    Release time:2020-08-24   Click times:175

  • The function of the cable accessory terminal

    When it comes to the function of the cable accessory terminal, the first thing that comes to mind is "insulation". The heat-shrinkable cable terminal is made of high-polymer composite polyolefin material, which has good electrical and mechan...
    Release time:2020-08-21   Click times:145

  • How to heat the heat shrink tube to be flat

    In the process of heating the heat shrink tube, many people often encounter the phenomenon of blistering, unevenness, wrinkling, and sometimes uneven wall thickness, which will affect the subsequent use of the heat shrink tube , then how to ...
    Release time:2020-08-19   Click times:119

  • How does the heat shrinkable tube have the heat shrinkable f

    The heat-shrinkable tube is a polymer material that undergoes a glass state-high elastic state as the temperature changes from low to high....
    Release time:2020-08-18   Click times:132

  • Suzhou Feibo summer heatstroke prevention work

    In order to prevent employees and friends from heatstroke in such a hot weather, our company started the Suzhou Feibo summer high temperature and heatstroke prevention work as early as the beginning of the month....
    Release time:2020-08-15   Click times:251

  • Precautions for heat shrink tubing

    Among the heating tools of heat shrink tubing, lighters and heat air guns are two more common types. In the process of operation, what are the precautions for heat shrink tubing? The following description is to inform our customers which ope...
    Release time:2020-08-12   Click times:170

  • Operating Instructions for Heat Shrinkable Cable Accessories

    Heat shrinkable cable accessories have the characteristics of small size, light weight, reliable performance, strong adaptability and easy installation. Suitable for indoor and outdoor terminals and intermediate connectors of power cables...
    Release time:2020-08-11   Click times:102

  • Heat shrink tube heating tools

    Heat shrink tube heating tools, which is an indispensable product during the heating process. Heat shrink tube needs to rely on external heating to complete the shrinking process. In theory, all tools that can generate heat can be used as he...
    Release time:2020-08-05   Click times:120

  • Yellow-green heat shrink tubing

    The main function of the yellow-green heat shrink tubing is the identification of the ground wire, and the second is the insulation, sealing and anticorrosion decoration. ...
    Release time:2020-08-01   Click times:90

  • Application of heat shrink tube

    Application of heat shrink tube mainly refers to the commonly uses of heat shrink tube. In the following, we will focus on the application of heat shrink tube from several aspects to let customers deepen their understanding....
    Release time:2020-07-29   Click times:170

  • Points to attention when testing heat shrinkable cable acces

    The quality of this product is related to the safety of your daily work and life and the safety of the installation staff. Therefore, cable accessories are generally required to be tested. Today, I will tell you the points of attention when ...
    Release time:2020-07-25   Click times:119

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