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SZFB Heat Shrink tube/ Tubing for Snap on Wire Marker

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SZFB Heat Shrink tube/ Tubing for Snap on Wire Marker

Detailed introduction

Product Introduction 

Identifying tube, cable marker, heat shrink identification sleeves makes by PVC or PE polyolefin materials. Yellow, white, blue, etc. Colors can be custom-made.


Product Application

   Bundle the cables and wire harnesses by way of binding wire, as the identification of large-diameter cables, splice of wire harnesses and wire line route.

Features & Benefits

      1, No need to disconnect the electric circuit, can install, tear down and repair it at the running situation

      2, Only standard binding wire, no additional work, easy to operate.

      3, High flame resistance, low smoke density

      4, Anti-scratch, wear-proof, oil-resistant, solvent-resistant

      5, Characters and the graphic can be customized, identification is permanent.

      6, Do not melt at high temperature, non-brittle at low temperature.




White, black, blue, yellow, etc.

Application Fields

  1, Military projects, steamship, submarine, other manufacturing industries:   identification for the installation, repair and grouped splices of electrical circuit.

   2, Train, aircraft, automobile and other manufacturing industries: identification for the installation, repair and grouped splices of electrical circuit.

   3, Metro, ballet train tunnel engineering: identification for the construction, installation, repair and grouped splices of electrical circuit.

  4, Chemical plant pipeline identification: Identification for the water gas, hydrogen and nitrogen pipeline of   petrochemical enterprise, synthetic ammonia factory, urea plant, etc.

   5, Identification for the whereabouts and splices of the banking financial institution information management system banking financial institution information management system wire line.

   6, Identification for the whereabouts and butt joints of optical fiber and cable, junction box, adapter junction box and communication circuits.

   7, Identification for electrical circuit of manufacturer, central control room, hidden power cable in plant, information circuit layout and splices


   8, Identification for electrical circuits, water pipes and gas pipes of high-rise building and community residence, whereabouts and splices of  power cable, telephone wire and  internet cable .


Related product instruction

 1, Printed content : customized.

 2, Cable marker inner diameter size: 2.0~3.0, Other size is available to customize.

 3, Cable marker length range: Customized, shrink ratio: 3:1 ,2:1.

 4, Machine automatically half-cut, keep connection among different cable marker, convenient to peel off

 5, Environment, flame-resistant, insulated, temperature-resistant

 6, PVC blank sleeve: oil-resistant, aging-resistant, acid-resistant, not easy to fade, good insulation capacity.


Environment certification:

  Heat shrinkable identification tube and PVC sleeve accord with EU RoHs compliant.


Product size:

  The max. Size can be up to 60 mm



  Our company heat shrinkable identification tubing, cable marker:

   1, Same font, same font size.

   2, Ensure the printing doesn’t fade.


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