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How to use PVC heat shrink film properly?

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How to use PVC heat shrink film properly?

Detailed introduction

The pvc heat shrink film is a polyvinyl chloride material heat shrink tube, it is similar to the use of ordinary heat shrink tube, are first according to the diameter of the cable to choose the appropriate specifications of the heat shrink tube, and then intercept the corresponding length, the heat shrink tube set in a clean and clean cable, with a heat gun, oven or hair dryer and other I appliances to heat it back and forth, the heat shrink tube will be heated back when heated, automatically wrap the cable. Use pvc heat shrinkable tubing to pay attention to many matters, such as cutting heat shrinkable tube to ensure that the cut is neat and smooth, heat shrinkable tube and heating equipment not too close, etc.. The following up to understand - the correct use of pvc heat shrinkable tube .

A.correct use method of pvc heat shrink film

Heat-shrinkable tube is a generic term for heat shrinkable tube material, its material is numerous, pvc is more common one, many friends do not quite understand how to use heat-shrinkable tube, the following is the correct way to use pvc heat-shrinkable tube:
1.the preparation of materials, first understand the size of the diameter of the cable, or length and width to calculate the corresponding diameter, choose a diameter slightly larger than the diameter of the cable heat-shrinkable tube.
2. clear the burr on the cable
3.calculate the length of the need to wrap, and intercept the corresponding length of heat-shrinkable tube.
4.the heat-shrinkable tube into the cable - end, the set of heat-shrinkable tube to move to the right position, for the bent cable, to the corner of the heat-shrinkable tube finishing.
5. After finishing, use a heat gun, oven or hair dryer and other tools to heat the pvc heat shrink film, in the heating process from left to right or from right to left one-way heating, or from the middle to both ends of the heating, to avoid the air inside the heat shrink tube.
6. heating to the heat shrinkable tubing heat retraction, tightly wrapped around the cable can be.

B. use precautions of pvc heat shrink film

1.cutting heat-shrinkable tube, the incision should be neat, smooth, no thorns or cracks, to avoid heating shrinkage of the stress concentration, along the crack extension.

2. heat-shrinkable tube and heating equipment should not be too close, must pay attention to the distance between the fire and heat-shrinkable tube, that is, 4 ~ 5cm uniform movement.

3.heat-shrinkable tube has an upper limit of temperature resistance, when heating should be careful not to exceed the upper limit of temperature resistance of the heat-shrinkable tube, and pay attention not to focus on a heating, otherwise it will produce uneven thickness or burns casing.

4.choose the right heating tool, heating and baking when the flame of the outer flame and the surface of the heat-shrinkable tube at an angle of 45 degrees, be sure to pay attention to move back and forth to make the heat shrinkable tube as a whole, to slowly from one end to the other - end, heating should be uniform, to avoid bubbles, to ensure that the shape of the heat shrinkable tube shrinkage, to be trimmed after cooling.

5.different use of the environment for the requirements of the heat shrink tube is also different, for linear objects such as wire, choose the product outside diameter of the size of the heat shrinkable tube specifications; power stations, electrical cabinets and other bus bar protection need to choose bus bar heat shrinkable tube; sealing requirements for the use of waterproof heat shrinkable tube.

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