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What is the differences between heat shrink tape and heat sh

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What is the differences between heat shrink tape and heat sh

Detailed introduction


1.the shape of the product: heat shrinkable sleeve is tubular, commonly known as the dead set, patch set, heat shrinkable set. Heat-shrinkable tape is sheet-shaped, commonly known as live sets,heat-shrinkable tape, heat-shrinkable tape in addition to the main body of the sheet there is a matching fixed piece, adhesive strips. Heat shrinkage patch band is used after the tube is welded, also known as open type heat shrinkage sleeve, heat shrinkable sleeve is not yet welded on the tube before the set is also called closed type heat shrinkage sleeve.

2. production process: due to the different shapes of products, the production and manufacturing processes used are not the same. Extrusion stage heat shrink sleeve extrusion is the pipe, and heat shrink tape is the sheet; heat shrink sleeve needs to be individually expanded one by one with an expansion machine into the finished caliber, while the heat shrink tape is in the extrusion stage for simultaneous stretching; glue stage heat shrink sleeve with semi-mechanical plus manual glue, small specifications is manually coated with glue, heat shrink tape is the entire sheet with full mechanical automation glue; finally heat shrink sleeve glue finished trimming can be packaged and printed Into the warehouse, while the heat-shrinkable tape needs to be cut according to specifications, with a fixed piece and adhesive strip, the overall packaging, and then into the warehouse.

3. the use of: heat-shrinkable sleeve can only be welded in the pipe before the set, and then heat-shrinkable construction, heat-shrinkable tape can be used at any time, without restrictions. At the same time, due to the difference in the shape of the two products, heat shrinkage construction steps,  etc. are also a little different.

4. price differences: due to differences in production processes, small specifications heat shrinkable sleeve cheaper than heat shrinkable tape, which is attributed to the flexibility of the production of heat shrinkable sleeve manual operation; medium diameter using heat shrinkable sleeve and heat shrinkable tape price is about the same, large specifications of the heat shrinkable sleeve than heat shrinkable tape expensive, showing the advantages of heat shrinkable tape fully mechanized production.


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