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Data line reinforcement trick

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Data line reinforcement trick

Detailed introduction

Data line reinforcement trick (better than the spring cover 100 times)

Step 1: Prepare the heat-shrinkable tube
The second step: find a suitable model of their own data line heat-shrinkable tube, cut into a small section of a small section of the spare
Step 3: the small size of the heat shrink tube cut open, in turn, set on the data line, the type of large heat shrink tube without cutting, directly from the data line head set in ( remember to just set in on it, do not choose the model too large heat shrink tube, otherwise it will shrink badly)
Step 4: put the heat-shrinkable tube, heated with a lighter, along the edge of the sizzling, shrinkage
The fifth step to organize your data line, you can for wrapped in a good-looking tape, so it will be strong and beautiful. Heat-shrinkable tube can also be used to save the abandoned, almost broken data line, than the online sale of spring tape is good and affordable, we can try it out!


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