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Double color heat shrinkable tube

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Double color heat shrinkable tube

Detailed introduction

1KV Double Color Heat Shrinkable Tube

The yellow-green heat-shrinkable tube adopts the high-quality polymer and is scientifically blended into a polymer alloy by mechanical blending. After molding, the product is crosslinked by electron accelerator and continuously expanded. The product surface is yellow and green, with advantages of soft, fire-retardant, fast contraction and stable performance.

Applications: Widely used in wire harness or cable ground wire identification, special cable or pipe identification.
Performance and use:
Has excellent physical, chemical and electrical properties, non-bromine and heavy metals, in line with environmental requirements, can be widely used in the installation and identification of ground.
Shrinkage temperature: 70℃-100℃
Operating temperature: -55℃-135℃
  1KV double color heat shrinkable tube has function of excellent insulation, age-resistance and softness. They are widely used for the identifications of wire harness, ground wires of cables, special cables or tubes, etc.
Standard colors: yellow / green

Our service
1. OEM Manufacturing welcome
2. Sample order is available
3. We will reply you for your inquiry in 24 hours.
4. After sending, we will track the products for you once every two days, until you get the products. When you got the goods, test them, and give me a feedback.If you have any questions about the problem, contact with us, we will offer the solve way for you.

From the picture ,it’s our normal package,certainly ,The package of heat shrinkable tube can be changed according to your inquiry. 

As a professional heat shrinkable tube supplier, we have enough storage for different inquiry , and we still keep researching and developing for the heat shrinkable tube to make the quality better and better. 

For our good quality and good service ,we have got many customers’ trust and local  government’s reward,which are listed as follows.

1.Inquiry:Every inquiry for heat shrinkable tube should be appreciated and answered in time.
2.Sample:The sample of heat shrinkable tube can be customized for free, you just need to pay for the freight.
3.Price:The price of heat shrinkable tube can be discounted if you order again.
4.Prepare & shipment :These heat shrinkable tube would be prepared after your deposit and confirmation in 7 days.
5.Cooperation:We kindly welcome every customer to visit our factory and we can cooperate with  a happy and beneficial atmosphere in the future.

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