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10KV Cable Accessories Cold Shrink Tube

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10KV Cable Accessories Cold Shrink Tube

Detailed introduction

10KV cable accessories cold shrink tube

Cold shrinkable cable accessories are liquid silicone rubber injection molding in the factory vulcanization molding, and then expanded, lined with plastic spiral support components of various cable accessories, on-site installation, these pre-expansion pieces in the processing of the cable End or joint, out of the internal support of the plastic support bar, press the cable insulation on the composition of the cable accessories. Because it is at room temperature by elastic retraction force, rather than like heat shrinkable cable accessories to use heat to shrink, so commonly known as cold shrink cable accessories.



--  Widely used to low-voltage cable terminal processing;

--  It can maintain a constant tightening force, with the cable with the breath, to ensure excellent interface characteristics.

--   Cable pretreatment, the stripping distance is short, the installation space needs small. Grounding method using constant force spring fixed ground, no welding or copper tied line, more efficient, safe and reliable.

--  Advanced production technology, vacuum high pressure injection vulcanization molding. Internal structure perfect, no defects, in the 21KV below the Council put less than 1pc (8.7 / 15KV series).

--   The use of imported liquid silicone rubber to ensure excellent insulation and high flexibility, the installation of the cable body has always been to maintain a constant radial pressure, local discharge is small, with the cable body with the "breathing."

--   The terminal body with the cold shrink branch finger sets, cold shrink insulation tube and cold shrink terminal seal tube; intermediate connector with three waterproof sealing process to ensure that the annex excellent sealing moisture resistance.
--  Without fire and special tools, and no gradually into the trouble, just gently extract the core rope, it will rely on their own elastic retraction, which closely close to the cable, each specification can be applied to a variety of cable Diameter, cable diameter compatibility.

--  Good hydrophobicity, anti-pollution, anti-aging, with excellent corrosion resistance, cold resistance and anti-ultraviolet, to ensure long-term use of stable performance. Especially for high altitude areas, cold areas, wet areas, salt fog areas and heavily polluted areas.

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