Busbar Conjunction Box Series

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Busbar Conjunction Box Series

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Busbar Conjunction Box Series

Detailed introduction

Busbar Conjunction Box Series

Tensile strength:> 15Mpa
Breakdown strength: ≥ 25KV / mm
Volume resistivity: > 1014Ω/cm
Water absorption: ≤0.1%
Use temperature: -55 ~ +105 ℃
Standard colors: red, green, yellow and black
Red; joints were "L" -shaped; 100 × 10 double busbar lap with 100 × 10 double busbar
Green; joints were "│" shaped; 120 × 10 single busbar lap with 100 × 10 single busbar
Yellow; joint was "T" -shaped; 100 × 10 single busbar lap with 80 × 10 double busbar 

Suzhou FeiBo heat shrink products Ltd is Jiangsu provincial high-tech enterprise, the company has strong technical strength, with a number of excellent material formulation and process development research professionals, and equipped with advanced production testing, process control and full range of facilities, has become one of the leading material manufacturers.
Company has advanced production equipment and strong technical force, and supported by a wide range of scientific research units and for expert guidance and support, product quality has reached advanced domestic level, made the national product quality inspection certificate of competency, and passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, products sold at home and abroad, well received by the user’s consistent high praise.

From the picture ,it’s our normal package,certainly ,The package of heat shrinkable tube can be changed according to your inquiry. 

For our good quality and good service ,we have got many customers’ trust and local  government’s reward,which are listed as follows.

1.Inquiry:Every inquiry for heat shrinkable tube should be appreciated and answered in time.
2.Sample:The sample of heat shrinkable tube can be customized for free, you just need to pay for the freight.
3.Price:The price of heat shrinkable tube can be discounted if you order again.
4.Prepare & shipment :These heat shrinkable tube would be prepared after your deposit and confirmation in 7 days.
5.Cooperation:We kindly welcome every customer to visit our factory and we can cooperate with  a happy and beneficial atmosphere in the future.

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No. 2848,Jinxin Road,Jinjiaba Town, Wujiang District of Suzhou City,Jiangsu Province, China.

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