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Waterproof heat shrink solder sleeve wire splices

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Waterproof heat shrink solder sleeve wire splices

Detailed introduction
One piece design,it consists of transparent heat shrinkable sleeve and fluxed solder.
Provides insulation esaity and lower the installed cost.Color hot-melt glue on two ends of heat shrinkable tube,it′s very convenience to use the exact wire dimension.
Discrete Solder Sleeve Wire Terminators (Shield Terminators).
Voltage 1kV.Ideal for wire termination
Designed for wire connection, double solder loop heat shrinkable protection, waterproof finish Design products.

Contraction ratio: 2:1
Hot melt strip has waterproof function
High transparent heat-shrinkable casing
The operation is simple
Minimum shrinkage temperature: 60℃
Minimum complete shrinkage temperature: 125℃
Complete dissolution temperature of tin ring: 138℃
Technical data

MAX operating Temperature -55℃~+125℃
Shrinking temperature >115℃
Dielectric strength 1 kV
Protection type IP 67
Installation steps:
1 choose the right size;
2. Peel off part of the outer skin of the wire and combine the two ends together;
3. Put the holster on and clamp it with tools;
4. Heat up the heat-shrinkable tube with a heat source and completely fit the wire

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