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Heat Shrink Cable End Caps Moulded Parts With Hot Meil Adhes

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Heat Shrink Cable End Caps Moulded Parts With Hot Meil Adhes

Detailed introduction

Product name : Heat shrink cable end caps moulded parts with hot melt adhesive

Recommended for use both in open air and on underground power distribution cables with PVC, lead or XLPE sheets. Definitive recovery with the layer of spiral coated hot melt adhesive.

Resistant to oxidation, ozone, UV radiation. Protects power 
cables up to 1000 V and  telecommunication cables. Very easy to fit over cable end. Environment definitive watertight seal. Material: thermally stabilized cross linked polyolefin, coated with specially hot melt adhesive.

Operating temperature: -55°C to +110°C
Minimum full recovery: 120 °C
Effectively offering protection against oxidation, ozone, 
Coated with hot melt adhesive to ensure environment seal.
Standard color: Black.

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