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Bottle Book POF Cross-linked Shrink Film Environmentally Fri

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Bottle Book POF Cross-linked Shrink Film Environmentally Fri

Detailed introduction

Property:shrink film


1.High-definition, burnish transparent
2.protect performance is good
3.Fast and high shrinkage

4. Thickness : 12, 15, 19, 25micron( 0.012-0.030mm) or as your requirement

5. Different width and length workable in our plant

6. Type we supply: Single wounded sheet, centerfolded film, tubular film, shrink bag


      The POF shrink film is becoming the new generation of traditional PVC shrink film,It is widely used in food, medicine, beverage, alcohol, electronic element, and video products. We are manufacturer, so we can provide the POF shrink film for you according to your request.



Product features:


1. High transparency, fine luster

2. High shrinkage, up to75%

3. High heat sealing and intensity, suitable for manual, half antomatic and 

    high-speed antomatic packaging

4. High cold resistance, keep flexible below-50 degree celsius, adapt to storage 

    and transport in cold weather.

5. Environment-friendly, nontoxic and meets US. FDA standard

6. Prevent damp and dust

7. Low package cost, better than paper box and other materials


Product applications:


1. Food, beverage, household articles packing

2. Drug, health-care products outside or combinative packaging

3. Plastic & hardware package

4. Stationery, toys & books packaging

5. Electronic element, audio and video products packin

Widely applicable for the outer packaging of various products such as food, drink, frozen food, pharmaceuticals, commodities, toys, stationery, audio-visual product, cosmetics etc.


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Address:No. 2848,Jinxin Road,Jinjiaba Town, Wujiang District of Suzhou City,Jiangsu Province, China.

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